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Creating Assets from a 3D Model

Updated: Jan 31

Learn how to use Dimensions' UI to create and serve images, videos, and 3D viewers.

To create assets from your 3D model, follow these steps:

1. Upload a 3D model of your product in a .glb file format.

If you currently don't have a 3D model, you can use the samples provided.

2. Create assets from your 3D model

  • Click on the 3D model you've uploaded, if you don't have a 3D model, click on one of the samples.

  • In the popup, choose one or more templates to create assets from your 3D model, don't forget to add SKU.

  • Click "Create Assets"

3. Implement on your website

  • Once the processing finishes, you can view your assets, get URLs, and embed code.

  • You can also set up a website integration by adding a code snippet. If you have already implemented the Dimensions code on your website, the assets will automatically appear there.

Pro Tip: If you’d like to make any changes on your assets, just click ‘Edit Template’ and you’ll be able to edit the lighting, shadows, camera, and more.


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