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Create a New Template

Updated: Jan 31

Learn how to create new image, video and 3D viewer templates

Templates define the output of the asset. There are three types of templates: Image, Video, and 3D viewer.

You can set the parameters that control the scene, such as lighting, shadows, camera placement, rotation, and more. To create a new template, follow these steps:

1. Go to Templates and click on the Add Template button. Templates are located inside the Presets item.

a. Choose the template type: Image, video, or 3D viewer.

b. Enter a meaningful name for the template that describes its purpose or style.

c. Enter a meaningful publish name. It will be used for the website integration later.

d. You can adjust the template's parameters to fit your artistic needs: Lighting, shadows, camera placement, model rotation, and more. (To preview the template's settings, ensure a 3D model is selected).

2. Save the template by clicking on the Save button.


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