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Discover how Dimensions can help you create and deliver engaging 3D immersive experiences for your products.

How Dimensions Works

Dimensions lets you create and deliver engaging 3D immersive experiences with ease, increase your content velocity, and offer your customers a rich and interactive way to explore your products.

With Dimensions, you can use a programmable API to:

  • Create and serve product photos and videos derived from 3D models.

  • Enable consumers to explore products with an immersive 3D experience by creating and serving a 3D viewer widget.

  • Enable consumers to explore products using AR immersive experiences.

With Dimensions, content managers can easily configure and moderate the product creatives and 3D experience generation process.

📦 Product Represents the item you showcase on your website. It has a unique identifier (SKU) and is associated with a 3D Model and a Preset that determines how the product's assets (images, videos, 3D) will be generated.

📄 3D Model

A *.glb file stored in the system.

🎨 Preset

The instruction set consists of a collection of customized templates.

🖌️ Template

A template defines the output of the asset. There are three types of templates: Image, Video, and 3D Viewer.

You can set the parameters that control the scene, such as lighting, shadows, camera placement, rotation, and more.

🖼️ Asset

An asset results from rendering the 3D model with a specific template. The asset can be an image, video file, or 3D viewer.


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