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Set API Access Token

Set API authorization through an OAuth flow.

To use the Dimensions API, you need to authorize your requests with an OAuth flow. This means that you need to obtain an access token allowing you to interact with your Dimensions account through the API.

The API endpoints are available Here. Swagger website includes all of the available methods.

Here are the steps to create an access token:

1. Log into your account and head on to the settings page.

2. Click on the Create Credentials button to generate your client ID and secret.

3. Copy your client ID and secret. You will need them to request an access token.

4. Make a POST request to the Authenticate endpoint with your client ID and secret as the parameters.

5. If the request is successful, you will receive a response with your access token and its expiration time. A valid response looks like this:

6. Use your access token to make API calls to the Dimensions endpoints. You need to include the access token as the value of the Authorization header in your requests.

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